DIS Infestation Treatment for Ants Linwards

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DIS Infestation Treatment for Ants Linwards

DIS Infestation mean cleaning the surroundings of humans from different insects and pests who can cause damage to humans or their belongings. DIS Infestation is done with the help of pesticides and insecticides. Apart from using them there are other simple and daily life methods as well. Ants are type of insects which are present in almost each and every home. Some ants are pests as well which can give a lot of loss to humans. Ants are also wonderful in a sense that they can carry 50 times more of their own weight and can pull 30 times more of their weight. There are ants which can make wooden structure hollow, there are ants which can bite humans and there are other types as well. Although they don’t do much damage to plants, but they save eggs of other insects such as aphids, mealy bugs and whiteflies etc for the winters and bring them out in spring. There are various methods which are used for the DIS infestation of ants & linwards etc but few of these methods are given below:

  1. Boric acid is a powerful powder which has been used for years against ants and other insects if it is used properly. Mixture of peanut butter, jelly and boric acid could prove to be deadly for the ants. It should be kept out of reach of children and pets.
  2. There are some predators which are ant eaters like ground beetles, hump back flies and parasitic wasps etc. Woodpeckers crush ants on their feathers as it keeps them save from parasites. If some ants from one nest are transferred to another and some from second nest to first one then they start a war and we don’t need anything to remove them as they themselves would be enough for one another.
  3. There are some plants such as sage, spearmint & peppermint etc which can act as repellent for ants. Using cutting from these plants is also useful. That’s why you would see most of these plants around your kitchen.
  4. Vinegar spray, lemon mixed with water spray and soapy water spray also keeps them away.
  5. Dust of chalk or talcum powder line would also keep them away.
  6. Use pure silicon to fill in all cracks as it would not shrink and hence will block the way for ants.
  7. If you see fire ants or their nest then put some Epsom salt near nest of fire ants.
  8. Apple cider vinegar can also be put inside the holes where ants are going.
  9. If Silica Aerogel is placed near cracks or holes where ants are present then it will dehydrate the ants.
  10. Mixture of hot water and hot peppers can also be poured on their nests.
  11. Throwing of hot water several times can also be effective.
  12. Mixture of sugar and baking powder can also be put near their nests.
  13. A spray of mixture of pyrethrum and isopropyl can be directly applied on their nest.
  14. If ants are infecting some small plants, then some petroleum jelly can immediately be applied at the base of plant which will cause a stoppage of ants.
  15. Tangle foot is a sticky substance which can be applied to the trunk for the plant which will keep ants away. But if the plant is young then a light cloth be tied to the trunk base and then this sticky substance should be attached to it.
  16. If a small light or bulb is placed in their area of activity then it can discourage them also.

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