Insect Control

Insect Control

Insects are creatures with a body which consists of three parts head thorax and abdomen. Insects have one pair of antennae, two pair of wings and three pairs of segmented legs. Insects give some benefits to humans and sometimes disturbing them as pests as well. All insects are not pests but some pests are insects. If we want to kill the insects then there are different insecticides which can be used for this purpose. Some of the insects are very necessary to keep a balance in the eco system as well. There major contribution in this regard is pollination. Study of insects in zoology is called as Entomology.

There are millions of species of insects in this world but we going to discuss only a few insect pests which are present in almost all houses and will also discuss on how to get a control over them:

  1. Ants are common and present in almost every home. They are attracted by mostly sweet things so one should always keep sugar pots or honey jars and any other thing containing sweet things covered. But still if there are lots of ants at some place then you can use any of the following methods to keep them away:
    1. Spray the ants with soapy water.
    2. Put cucumber peels or slices at the place where ants are gathering.
    3. Mint leaves which are dry and crushed, can also be placed at place of gathering.
    4. Ants will not cross things such as cayenne pepper, citrus oil, lemon juice and cinnamon.
    5. Cloves of garlic can also be useful in removing ants from desk.
  1. Dust Mites are microscopic and are present in all houses in beds, carpets, clothes, books and furniture etc.  They are a source of great problem for people who are suffering from Asthma or for people with different allergies. Following are few ways with the help of which we can reduce population of these dust mites:
    1. All the pillows, mattresses and carpets should be properly vacuumed or washed in hot water with a temperature of over 130F or 55C.
    2. Pillows and mattresses can be covered with laminated covers, as the insects cannot pass through these covers.
    3. Humidifiers should be avoided as they have warmth and humidity because mites like warmth and humidity.
  1. Cockroaches can be kept away if you keep your bathrooms and kitchens clean. Following are some of the other ways which can help you in keeping away the cockroaches:
    1. All the area should be washed and vacuumed properly.
    2. Cockroaches can be killed with the help of a soapy water spray.
    3. If boric acid is placed on places where cockroaches often go, then they will take this boric acid back to their place and that would eventually kill them all.
    4. Cucumber slices, bay leaves or garlic could be used as deterrents.
  1. Mosquitoes can cause a lot of damage and following are ways on how to survive against them:
    1. They are normally active in early morning or evening so properly close windows at that time. Especially those windows which are opposite to the breeze.
    2.  Try to make sure that there are no stagnant water spots in your home.
    3. Marigold flowers acts as natural repellents as its smell is disliked by flying insects.
    4. If you have a barbeque then Bit of sage or rosemary can be sprayed on coals to keep them away.
  1. Fleas come to your home with your pets and you can keep them away by regularly combing them and if find any then comb your pet with soapy water.

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