Pest Control

Pest Control

Pests are type of an animal which causes damage and concerns to the humans. Pests can cause damage to Livestock, fruits and Vegetables. Sometimes that damage is caused to the health of a person and a person can die also if not treated properly for example Mosquitoes can cause Malaria fever and Dengue fever and rats can cause Plague. Weeds, Fungi and viruses are also considered to be pests. Pests can be controlled with the help of pesticides. Pesticides could be some chemical or mixture of chemicals, used to control the pests. In Agriculture Herbivores are also considered to be as Pests such as crows and other birds who eat seeds.

Pests can cause a lot of damages such as they can consume human food (ants, cockroaches, flies), can damage crops (Caterpillars and aphids), can destroy wooden material , cloths and books (termites, cloth moths bookworms), and they can also cause skin infection and carry diseases with them (Lice, fleas, mosquitoes).

As the pests can cause lot of damages so one should be taking evasive measures to control these damages. So following are few ways in which one can control these pests:

Biological Pest Control

Biological pest control means controlling the pests with the help of natural parasites and predators and this phenomenon requires active roles of humans as well. This controlling is done in such a way that it has no or at times minimum effect on human ecology. For example in order to control mosquitoes, a special chemical is put in the water sources which destroys the larva but that chemical do not effect humans and one can drink that water as it would not be causing any effect.

Eliminate Breeding Grounds

If you manage the waste in a proper manner and there is an efficient system for the drainage of still water then that would be a proactive approach from our end in minimizing the pests as it would be eliminating breeding grounds for many pests. Garbage is one of the major surviving places for the pests. If the local authorities have a fool proof system for its collection and disposal then that area would be facing far less problems caused by the pests such as mosquitoes, rats and flies etc.

Poisoned Baits

This method is used for killing rats and it is an ancient method as people of early times used to kill wolves and birds who destroy their crops.

Burning of Fields

After the harvesting of sugarcane and wheat in most areas, fields are burnt so that any insects or pests or their eggs or larva are there, could be destroyed by burning. It’s also been an ancient practice.


In some countries where there are lots of stray dogs and cats and which are causing problem to the ecology system and anybody do not seem to own them, special teams are made to kill them. Similarly in some towns rat catcher teams are also made to kill the rats. Sometimes traps are also used for this very purpose.

Spraying and Fogging

Another method to control pests is spraying the fields with poison with hand held devices, customized spraying trucks or even for larger fields with the help of planes to kill the pests. In most countries streets are often sprayed to kill mosquitoes and other pests. Fogging or misting is also used. Sometimes the fields or required place is sealed and it becomes airtight and then it is sprayed or fogged and kept sealed for a particular time for effective action.

Other method includes sterilization, destruction of infected plants and different types of repellents.

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