Powder Post Beetles Treatment

Powderpost Beetles as reflecting from the name these are basically insects lives in wood almost every part of the world including the most advanced country America. These powderpost beetles are also known as a lyctids and many other names depending on the subcontinent or languages. These powderpost beetles are basically harmful for the woods; they badly eat the wood from the inner side by producing a lot of dust or its better to say powder type of frass. As per reading I found that in United State of America you can find 11 types of powderpost beetles and controlling them has now became a big problem for affectees and government has made some useful action to reduce these issues on immediate basis.

There is one universal formula to identify the size or number of powderpost beetles attacking the wooden floors of any building or the art and craft gallery in any part of the world and that is the hole it is producing. However the average size of the powderpost beetles has been measured as 1-6mm and its body has been defined as narrow and elongated respectively.

This is really bad that householder or Corporate building owners would not notice the damage causes the little insect at first stages, but once the circle of its drilling extends and the frass starts coming out from the wood it can only be seen. This is a fact that  powderpost beetles mostly attacks hardwoods instead of softwoods as softwoods are actually not porous hence they keeps themselves away from it. Following woods are the best nest for the powderpost beetles:

  • Oak wood
  • Ash wood
  • Mahogany wood
  • Bamboo wood

And the more affected areas you will notice are:

  • Flooring
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Wooden Furniture etc.

Prevention of powderpost beetle is vital otherwise it will spread all over your house and afterwards you will face a lot problem in controlling the infestation of powderpost beelte. This is recommended that you should inspect your wooden items at your office or home and make sure to never leave them wet for long time. If you are purchasing new wooden items from the market, make sure that these are in perfect conditions from top to bottom and never purchase an affected piece because it will cause problem for other wooden materials available in your house or office. Following are the some prevention you may apply to remove powderpost beetles:

  • It is recommended to use air dried wood.
  • Try to use a wood which has been chemically treated and approved for use.
  • Install heating as well as cooling systems in your house so that you can apply it to dry soon after cleaning.
  • Use liquid form insecticides to remove permanently (considered to be best and highly recommended but a branded one).
  • If the wooden item is painted these medicine would not reach to the inner side of the wood hence, it is necessary to sand it or totally bared the wood before you put it on treatment.
  • For small infestations it is highly recommended that use aerosol sprays which will work outstandingly.

Beside all these instructions given above it is highly recommended to enhance your knowledge about these issues if you are facing problems in dealing with them. Moreover you can call pests control unit to do a complete survey of your home or office so that you can be tension free from these types of things. Be wise and act quickly if you notice a smaller change in your wooden item because if you delays this small things would affect your entire property badly.

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