Mosquito Control Anti Larval Treatment

Mosquito larval control is very important if we really want to control the mosquito’s population in our surroundings.  You can easily notice the presence of mosquito larval in the bottom of water if it is clear and suitable lights at that area. Remember these cannot be seen in the dark, dilute water and even in places where garbage is laying or even where vegetables are growing. With a watchful observation it becomes so easy to notice the mosquito larvae in pure, clean, shallow water in the light colored bottoms. Moreover, you would not be able to observe in the shadowy and dilute water or even a place where there is garbage is being laying and even in the grassy areas. You should keep in minds that do not put your shadow on the area where you are searching for mosquitoes because in dark you cannot figure out the right things. You can easily capture these larvae by dipping the long handled spoon in to the water.

Though, the above mentioned method is not a long lasting or even not a useful trick to get rid of these insects. So using a mosquito larvicide is a worth as it can damage badly the breeding sites for sure. This medicine is basically very well known for its great results; it totally eliminates the mosquito’s larvae before it becomes able to bite human body. There are many names by which this product is vastly available in the market like Mosquito dunks and Agnique MMF etc.

These larvicides are normally used in houses where dynamic ingredients as well as Toxin produce by the BTI. Methoprene helps in controlling the birth of adult larvae whereas BTI toxin removes the digestive places. This product is harmful for the mosquitoes and larvae as well as aquatic gnats only so you do not need to be worried about the side effects. Moreover, it also does not harm the following:

  • Fish
  • Waterfowl
  • Pets
  • Humans and other animals

There are many different ways of mosquito control anti larval treatments which the mosquito abatement agencies are using. Likewise, methoprene known as Altosid and Bactimos, Vecobac are the main way of treatment by the mosquito control companies around the world. However, being as a homeowner one should not be worried if he or she does not want any mosquito controller company to come and perform the task. There are different ways and a lot of medicines are available which you can use in your houses, like methopren is being purchased by the homeowners as granules which are available in shaker bottles packing. Usually it requires 6 granules for controlling the mosquitoes from rising from home plants and other corner of the houses where they breeds.  Moreover, you require not more than a teaspoon of Pre-Strike granules to control the more than one hundred feet rain gutters.

Remember, controlling mosquitoes entering in to your houses is your responsibility so you should understand the concept of this because if you show weakness you will have to pay a heavy fine by putting your whole family including yourself life at risk. Moreover, the public places like parks, stadiums, bus stops, railways stops, markets and other government buildings areas are public administrations responsibility to control all these things. But playing an active role in helping your government you can control these little but dangerous flies in your surroundings.

These products are available in online drug stores and even you can purchase it from the super markets nearby your residence. All the precautions and procedures are written on the leaflets so it is recommended to read it before you apply.

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